“What’s worht to visit in Warsaw? Woud you recommend something?” “Everything, men.”

Actually, What do you like in Warsaw?A great number of| of narrow streets, ornamental residences’ facades, picturesque Plac Zamkowy with interesting King Sigismund’s Column and much, much more! Don’t think any more, just book the tickets and go to visit Polish capital.


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In Warsaw you may find plenty of themes which will fulfill your needs. You can find Warsaw tours in many topics e.g. jewish tour, old town tour, Communist tour and many more! There is also plenty of companies. You can go for free walking tour, hop-in hop-off bus tour or more cosy private tour. There is great number of options for sightseeing warsaw and you should check it properly.
Most trips in Warsaw start in the Old Town. Plac Zamkowy is magnificiant place. Of course you can find there Royal Castle. In the same square you will notice easily King Sigismund’s Column. It’s one of Polish capital’s symbols. It is the meeting point for most of the trips. Another symbolic for Warsaw monument is the Palace of Culture and Science. It’s a symbol of Soviet rule, and at the time when it was built the second tallest building in European Continent.

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Another quite a funny Warsaw’s charachteristic object is The Mermaid Statue. Plenty of visitors are surprised, that the city in the middle of the country have the mermaid as a symbol. It’sIt is surrounded by a fountain. The reason of that, as the legend explain, a mermaid was swimming in from the sea and took a brake on the riverbank to rest. She found the place so admirable that she decided to stay.
Old town was founded in the thirteenth century as the prince’s castle, it’s fenced by walls.

During Second World War, 90% of it was destroyed, but thanks to its excellent restoration and reconstraction, in 1980 it was granted the status of a UNESCO World Heritage List. Nowadays, it is a busy area, full of shops, coffe places and restaurants.
Warsaw have got a lot to offer for visitors and citizens. Come and check it out, you won’t regret!