How the Internet have improved our civilization – interesting devices in today’s world – possibilities and threats.

Today there are many fantastic supporting technologies in many areas of our life. Brand new technologies help us in a large number of difficulties, however can they replace people?

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Autor: Graham Wynne

AI is strongly examined on many professional meetings . Our robots can support us in everyday life, however the most brilliant technology is made in IT-labs. Intelligent software, which could transfer millions of information. The greatest world’s corporations are trying to find the ways of communication which they could teach our personal computers. In ten perhaps fifteen years our personal computers are going to talk with us. Nowadays the newest interaction computer program was tested in the United States, sadly it need to be changed. This program was connected with one of the social media and it was created to learn based on the Internet posts, however it stated to express racists and politically incorrect ideas. Everything because many evil-minded questions from the Global Web users. According to this experiment we can clearly notice that stupid activity may destroy even a fine idea. It could be the same with real Artificial Intelligence, unfortunately it may end not just on shutting the computer down. Nevertheless new technologies will be still increasing, specially in business area; Sales Force Automation software, SMT software, LS software these are just a few examples of technology opportunities.

Sales Force Automation software is just a little, but useful part of the whole marketing area and it is only a beginning of its possibilities – Asseco Business Solutions. This specification may be transferred to other areas. Many businesses are interested in investment in this market, because it may bring large money and marvelous business benefits.
In nearest future modern inventions could take people’s place in some spheres, however not in everything. Androids and computer software will help us, but they can’t show all of our feelings and all of interactions that we must have. There always going to be a place for non-artificial intelligence.